Hello and happy Friday! I am quilting along with Amanda at Material Girl Quilts and her Layer Cake Sampler Quilt. Blocks three and four went together like a snap!

As you can see, there are places where many seams are coming together at one point. My solution for this is to press the (add your favorite expletive here) out of it!! I don’t use much steam while piecing, but when the block is finished and I am pressing the final seams, I use lots!

I like this method when there is a pinwheel center seam: snip the threads in the seam allowance at the center and press the opposite sides in opposite directions.

It really helps it to lay flat. It does, however, also show off a not-quite-perfect seam match like this one! It’s just a smidgen off, but I am good with that!

Four blocks down, 16 to go…

layer cake sampler blocks one to four collage

You can check out the details of the quilt along on Amanda’s blog. If you want to join in, get yourself a layer cake and get sewing!!

Happy Sewing,

Tessa Marie

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