It is my pleasure to introduce you to Emily Taylor, a fabric designer at Riley Blake Fabrics and creator of the new Take it away, Emily…

Thank you so much, Tessa, for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself & my new company to your readers!  I’ve had the privelege of designing quilt fabric for Riley Blake for about 6 years now~ I’ve designed over a dozen fabric collections for them and I absolutely LOVE my job!  My most recent fabric collection, Floribella, arrived in stores in March (it’s featured in the MacKenzie quilt below).  I have two more collections coming out later this year~ Chatsworth and Zombie Love.  Here’s a sneak peak of those collections…

Emily Taylor Design~ Upcoming Fabric Collections

So, I really love beautiful fabric, I love quilts and I love sewing.  I’m also a bit of an entrepreneur!  I’m excite to share with you my new startup company and I’m pretty confident that anyone who has dabbled in sewing or quilting is going to be interested to learn about  Who out there among us has NOT made a mistake when choosing fabric for a project at one time or another?    — crickets–    That’s what I thought!  All of us who have sewn a pattern of any kind have discovered that the real trick in the creative process is being able to visualize what our finished project will look like with the fabric we’ve chosen, right?

It’s this universal problem that I set out to tackle when I created  On, you can design a great quilt pattern or select a designer pattern and then audition or preview new & upcoming fabric from the major manufacturers in that pattern!  No more guessing or assuming what your project will look like, because with you can SEE what it will look like!

The best thing about is that it is FREE to use and it’s really simple…

How PatternJam Works

It’s amazing the difference fabric makes in a pattern!  Here is one of my favorite quilt patterns on PatternJam, called the WhereAbouts Quilt:

Whereabouts with watermark

Whereabouts Pattern on

Now, if you need a little incentive to check out for yourself,  the pattern featured above is a FREE download!  Click here to go there now:  Whereabouts Pattern

After you’ve had a chance to play with a bit, I would love your feedback about how I can make PatternJam a better tool for all of us!  I am launching version 2 of within a couple of weeks with a brand-new interface and new features– so now is the time to let me know what you’d like to see on the website.   I hope that you’ll share your suggestions with me at [email protected].


Happy sewing to all my quilting pals out there… Emily Taylor

 Emily Taylor

Thanks so much for sharing about your talents and endeavors here today, Emily! I am definitely signing up at and looking forward to the release of Chatsworth – so pretty!!

Happy Weekend to all,