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There is big stuff happening in our country today that a lot of us are not happy about. With all the gloom and doom and hate swirling around, it is important to focus on what is good, loving and kind. My good friend Lee ( has a great idea to help us do that in what better way than with a quilt! You can read her blog post, here, but the idea is to make blocks throughout the year when you see or feel love, kindness, a helping hand, etc. and by the end of the year, you will have a big beautiful quilt full of hearts and love.

And because Lee is a generous and loving spirit, she has given us a tutorial to get started.

Here is my block, reds and pinks (of course) and neutral background fabrics to show them off. I have decided to quilt my blocks as I go with straight non-parallel lines of varying widths. I used 50wt. Aurifil thread in a light gray.

This is such a fun way to quilt – just start with a few lines criss-crossing each other and then add more where you think you need to.

And then, because I wanted to carry the spirit with me everywhere I go, I made a tiny one to pin to my shirt. This measures barely 2″ square and is just the cutest little pin!! I am thinking about making  more and giving them out to people!!

Thanks for visiting and spread the love!!



Postage Stamps and Crosses

For the month of June, the Trust Circle of do.Good Stitches was given the task of making a block made from 100 2″ squares. We were to use low volume fabrics and incorporate several blue crosses. If we wanted to, we could use the fusible interfacing method, and as I have been wanting to try it, I was in!! There are many tutorials on the method, but we used this one because it has the crosses and the 2″ squares.

I used Pellon Sheerweight fusible interfacing and drew a 2″ grid on the non-fusible side – the lines were dark enough that they showed through (I used a Sharpie which may have not been a good idea as it gave off some wicked fumes when I pressed it). I laid out the crosses first and then filled in with the low volume squares…

Once all the squares on the grid are covered, I gently pressed to fuse all the squares in place. Work in sections and be sure to lift and press the iron. This picture shows the pressing completed.

Then came the fun part! When I folded back each row to stitch, I was pleased at how crisply the fold was. There was no need to press or pin!! After the rows were stitched in one direction, I used a rotary cutter and trimmed about 1/16th of an inch to open up the seams.

So far, so good! To stitch the seams in the other direction, I folded right sides together and then did give the seam a light press before stitching (there is more bulk from the first seams), but still no pinning was needed.
The worst part of using this method was pressing all the seams open as it was more tedious that pressing to one side. The perfectly matched points more than made up for it though, and I actually prefer the nice, flat look of the open seams!

This block measures 15 1/2″ square and is on its way to Liz who will make the blocks into a quilt! To learn more about do.Good Stiches, visit the Flickr page.

I will definitely be using this method again!!

Happy Sewing,

Tessa Marie

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